Then Came Dark

by Robyn Green

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Robyn Green's second album, featuring a plethora of atmospheric space rock soundscapes floating atop bombastic rhythms and driving bass lines. Vocal melodies draw upon a mix of genres and styles, at times reminiscent of shoe gaze rock where vocals are oftentimes executed as a blend-in texture among a greater wall of sound.


releases August 30, 2017

All music composed, performed, engineered and produced by Robyn Green
Album artwork by: Robyn Green
Front cover photo credit: Creative Commons and The Boston Museum of Art. Ancient Greek image of Thetis, mother of Achilles, handing her son his battle armor.



all rights reserved


Robyn Green Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Moon At Dawn
Time has another plan for you and I,
I don't give a damn about how the system's going wrong.
I'm ruining their dream so I can build another one with you.
Under the moon at dawn, we'll let the sound pierce through our hearts.

Here I am mesmerised
As industries all tear apart,
Demanding broken heart.
Here I am, alien in design
And you are my only piece of mind.

Good souls suffocating from careerist advocates
Who don't know how to dream, don't know how to breathe on their own.
Happiness means following the money machine
Stay under the moon at dawn enchanted by the sun.
Track Name: Comes Right Back Around
In time, we all forget why

Everything we build upon
Tumbles to the ground,
And everything you turn me on to
Comes right back around

So start me up by polvarizing
Governmental hypnotizing

How long is the road from Babylon?
Track Name: Dance To Your Own Song
In the beginning we were young,
All those stupid things we'd done,
And in the illusion www called life,
we built our fortresses in strife

Now maybe you're lonely and depressed,
Your looking for answers from all the rest.
Maybe you forgot how to dance to your own song.

So come take a moment for your health,
Escape the ego within yourself.
A new revelation within your heart,
In need of good reason to kickstart.
So lend me your systematic thoughts,
We will return them to their Gods,
The world is not fifth avenue,
Choose the stars for your next route.

Yeah maybe you're stoic and oppressed,
Never believing you've done your best.
Maybe the time has come to take
Your inhibitions to their graves and
Give it all away...
Track Name: Electric Room 6
Every moment that passes by,
You enjoy the fire, you keep it alive.
Dismal thoughts in the crystal rain
Always come around, they'll happen again.
But inside Electric Room 6,

I feel you losing control and
Who am I to say it's not right?

Driven back in euphoria,
A sinister mood, a sinking state.
Lay alone in silent bliss, a shimmering twisted fate.
You and I found the emotion of the maniac and the lunatic.
You and I severed all our ties with religious interrogation.

I feel you losing control and
Who am I to say it ain't right?
Track Name: Falling From A Platform In Empty Space
Have you ever felt like the end of time
Was close to you, was sent to you?
And why? There's no why.
You meddled with the fire and
Settled for a free life, and now,
The gate is open to you

Some of us believe the lies and some of us dance in anger,
Some of us call the angels and some of us hail the devil,
Some of us never look around and I'm just trying to understand
How it is to get by, how it is to feel alive...
Track Name: Cyber Bliss
They say, I'm in love with a strange life,
And you're not willing to be part of the fun.
Better not listen to the ways others think about
Bringing you down, locked up in a box,
Giving into safe guard command,
An enemy to all, the enemy to all.

It's the sound of cyber bliss, sound of cyber bliss that's
Spinning me around
Track Name: Your Own Ghost
Whispering to others your misfortunes.
When you achieve all that you want,
And you know where you fall,
Your time won't heal all the young persons' pain

Your own ghost haunting you..

One life living in solitude,
One life living in the back room,
One life feeling in the fast lane,
One life is coming from outer space.

There's lake in the middle of our fire
Stay long enough to find it.
Put out all we disagree on, lonely as a reminder.
Blood lost on the hill, tumbled for the night.
Track Name: Red Alert
Post soviet show me the world from your eyes
Before I'm told how to feel, no will to dream, limiting.
Post soviet, can you feel what it's like to be full from
Alcohol, all means of love, from sex and drugs, and media.

Because we see all the world how we want and
Learn based on where we're from,
The moments, the living, resounding vibrations.

In the time when you're feeling all lit up,
In the time when you're feeling all tripped up,
In the time when you're feeling all fucked up,
Just leave it downtown.

One of the oldest cultures around,
With a loaded gun in mind.
There coming to listen, my light in
The sound of now.
Track Name: The Blind Never See
Are you listed in the system?
Take a seat, we'll call you up.
You better show your documentation, or be
Stranded in a rut.
I don't make the rules, just push them,
Another soldier in their game.
If you want to file a complaint, ya better
Pick a number, A24, follow the arrow in single file,
Don't step out of cue, you're just one in a few.
So fill in the paper, sign on the dotted line, and one more thing,
You gotta pay the fine.

Because you, you don't have a choice,
Don't have a voice, you're living in
The status quo, and nothing more

Well I'll be damned if I will pay it,
Let alone stand in fucking line.
You can take that pen and shove it where
You know it's good behind.
I don't mean to emit violence, nor
Betray those who would pay, but
The system's falling to pieces, only
The blind don't see this way.

The blind never see,

But you, you have a choice,
You have a voice and style that
Cuts deep inside...
Track Name: That's What I Like About It
That's what I like about it you know something more,
That's what I like about you, dreaming more.
That's what I like about it, you feel something more,
That's what I like about you.

All the sins we dance away, and the music never stops,
And all the world will come awake to you, yeah you..

That's what I like about when you see something more
That's what I like about you thinking more.
That's what I like about the lasting energy,
That's what I like about you acknowledging that

All the sins we dance away, and the music never stop,
And all the world will come awake to you, yeah you..

I found you for myself..
Track Name: Coming To An End
I feel it coming to an end now and
You're workin' for it.
I can see the light leaving your eyes.
It's like they never could even comprehend
Where we're coming from.

Strung out memories burn to ash, and
The electrifying voice inside says get up, and take back off!
Letting demons come inside so that we can feel alive...
Track Name: There's No Why
Improvised and
Track Name: Dead Design
Capture yourself tonight,
Disaster turning bright,
Melting on stone-lit tablets.
Rapture is out of site,
Stature, fashion dynamite,
Electric in crystal rain,
Labeled insane,
Shame is the game.

Seven o clock, out the door,
Come eight o clock, lose it all.
Take all, don't fall on sorrow's arrow
Before the element of gratitude spoke to soon.
Remember who can count on you,
Standing on trial, rest here awhile,
Flash them a sign of
Dead design